Welcome to Spring 2023

Spring is always a wonderful time of the year for a fresh start to all the gardening you wish to plant and enjoy throughout the warm season into summer. Here we hope to provide you with ideas to a garden of bloom you're sure to enjoy this season.

Posted on February 17, 2010 by Macgyver Services

Get your bulbs in time for color growth

Set aside an area for flowering bulbs. First you plant a little bit of the daffodils, things like Crocus puschkinia, kiona datsa, the very early bloomers. Then you get into the daffodils, which are coming into March. Then the tulips, once you are in to April. Then you've got this green goddess and the white calalillies into May and June and peonies are usually, by the end of Spring, blooming into June. So, if you have a garden and you can set aside an area just for blooming bulbs, you can have a succession of color from February through June

Vegetable gardens for spring

Raised vegetable gardens for spring

The following plants are good for Texas vegetable gardens:

Bell Peppers
Black Eyed Peas

Green Beans


View the Texas vegetable garden zone map for more details here on Texas planting times.

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